Rochester police foundation

Community Programs


In these difficult times, family assistance is more crucial than ever. The Foundation works with law enforcement and the business community of the Greater Rochester Area to identify families in need so that we can all lend a helping hand.

Victim's Assistance Unit

Victims of crime may not have the socioeconomic resources to rebound confidently from their traumatic experiences. Through the Victim’s Assistance Fund, we help these citizens to recover by easing some of their financial pressures.

Shop With a Cop

Each holiday season, Rochester police officers identify 15-20 city children whose families could use a little help with holiday shopping. By subsidizing this happy interaction between the RPD and the community, we help to foster a positive image of the police with city youth, and promote effective community policing.

The Foundation has provided over $15,000 in funding for this program to date.

LGBTQ+ Training & Programming

Started with a generous contribution from The Anthony Mascioli Trust, this fund provides for occupational and sensitivity training for Rochester Police Department officers who may be unfamiliar with working in the LGBTQ+ community. Through community meetings and literature, we help our officers navigate interactions successfully.